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Sold worldwide with over 10,000 happy customers

EST. 2009

The Equine Sun Visor Story

Yvonne and Dale Cates bought their first paint foal in 2009. The foal had a lot of white hair and pink skin, especially around his eyes and on his face. Their veterinarian told them their foal would be a high risk for potential eye and skin cancers unless they found some way to protect him. Unable to find a satisfactory product on the market at the time, along with several vet’s input the Cates’s set off to design their own UV mask to deliver the ultimate UV protection for their young paint horse.

After many of their friends asked them about their needs for a mask for their horses as well, they thought they should make the mask available to more people, and the Equine Sun Visor was born. The product was so unique and one of a kind, that the mask was awarded a patent and the name was trademarked. Now, many years later, the Equine Sun Visor is sold worldwide with over 10,000 happy customers. In 2013 a customer informed them her horse had a greater UV protection need, being diagnosed with Equine Head Shaker’s Syndrome, so the added UV protection of the ESV Maxx was introduced in 2013. Still today the ESV family of products have all earned the favor of many equine Ophthalmologists and Veterinarians in the USA and around the world.

In October of 2021, the Equine Sun Visor was purchased by The Equine Company located in Ohio. We are intent on continuing to provide the Equine Sun Visor product line, but also on being able to create a on hand inventory to be able to ship soon after you order. No more waiting!

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