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Customer Reviews

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"I want to let you know I love your product, the Equine Sun Visor. I currently use it on an equine cancer patient, pre and post op, and it has worked FANTASTIC! I would love to endorse your product to all the horse owners who have been affected by equine cancer."
Rebecca Mead
President - Equine Cancer Society
"Both of us love the sun visor that came last week and had to have a second. I'm telling everyone at the barn about these visors. They're great!”
Michelle N.
Littleton, CO
"The Equine Sun Visor is by far the best product on the market for protecting your horses' sensitive eyes from the harsh sun! (not to mention the added benefit of fly protection)!...Extremely well made, and nice fitting, I will NEVER purchase anything but!!...Misty loves it, too!!....I don't think she likes it when I take it off ....she drops her head right back down to get it back on!!...Thanks again for making such a wonderful product!!!...You guys are THE BEST!!!!!"
North Carolina
"OMG it came today. It's beautiful. I know it's going to be so much more comfortable for him and also protect his nose from sunburn. Thank you!"
"I am very pleased with this product. It is holding up to Phoenix's vigorous wear and tear beautifully!"
Sue R.
"I purchased just about every fly mask/sun visor that's come out. The Equine Sun Visor is THE best mask ever. It is well made. It's design fits well and does what it promises...protects the horse's eye from the sun and the bugs."
Diane B.
"I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product! What a great design. Your mask is comfortable, easy to clean, and he can see out of it. Half the cost of the other UVA flymask. The monogram is a nice touch too. Thanks."
Charlotte B.
"These are really beautiful, I've noticed a reduction already in sun burn to the area. Less weepy eyes also for both of my horses. I am very pleased and happy to have found this mask. It looks really good on the horses too! I bought the tie dye and got the monogramming...very cool."
Alice M.
"I have received the Sun Visor I ordered and am extremely happy with your product, it is the very best quality and beautifully made, it fits our horse perfectly. I could not have asked for anything better. It is a great product."
"I am very pleased with the sunvisor mask I purchased 1 1/2 years ago. It is very durable and well made. Most importantly, it is protecting my paint horse's eyes from the intense Arizona sun, as well as from the dust, wind and bugs. I am so glad I found this product! Keep your great products coming!"
Hedy K.
"I just received your package with the two fly masks that I ordered. They are beautiful! And so well made. I couldn't wait to run down to the pasture and put one of them on my blue eyed, white horse. "Blue" looks so handsome. I've had such a hard time, in the past, of keeping fly masks on him (his pasture mate likes to play tug of war), but this one seems so durable and tough, I really think this one will stay on. He even wears one all winter long due to the sun's bright reflection off the snow. And I love the beautiful monogram of my farm, a nice classy touch. Again, I thank you for your personal attention to me as a customer and to the detail of the masks."
Monica H.
Sleepy Moon Farm, Pennsylvania
"I want to tell you how great your product is! Dancer had eyelid cancer a couple of years ago. The vet treated him and, together with that treatment and your great masks, we haven't had any more problems! Thanks for your part in that. If it weren't for those great masks, I'm sure Dancer would have had a reocccurance. Thanks again."
Lynnia M