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ESV MAXX: Our highest level of UV protection providing the same 99.9% UV block under the visor, and a lab rated 95% UV block through the mesh design. Created for horses with Equine Head Shakers Syndrome, the ESV MAXX has also proved itself to be effective in providing supportive care for equine recurrent uveitis, conjunctivitis, dilation treatments, and other severe light sensitive eye disorders. There is not a mask on the market that has a higher overall UV block rating.

  • Optional Nose Cover can be added.
  • Optional Sheep Skinned Edging can be added for Under Perimeter, including noseband.

**If you are looking colored visor options, the Equine Sun Visor is the only mask that offers colored visors. (The ESV Plus and ESV MAXX do not come in other colors.)

*Comes in Charcoal Visor with Gray Mesh with a Double Throat Latch.

Attractive, Comfortable, and Effective!

Only the most effective and durable materials available are sourced for the construction of the Equine Sun Visor that you select. We pride our selves on sewing each mask by hand right here in the USA for the specific needs of your horse. Whether your goal is to increase your horse’s comfort level and protection from sun, or provide supportive care for head shaker’s syndrome, uveitis, conjunctivitis, cancer, or post-surgical protection, our products can more than meet the need.

You can visit our policies here:

We recommend that our customers wash the mask by hand.

Protect Your Horse

Horses with UV issues, or weepy and sensitive eyes, can all benefit from our masks, regardless of their pigmentation. It even acts as an umbrella in the rain!

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